T-BOW® Training and Therapy Bow · Arco Multifuncional de Entrenamiento y Terapia Motriz
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The T-BOW® is the most multi-talented, functional training and therapy tool:

Increases strength, endurance, flexibility and unique also balance and coordination.

Usable on both sides as step and swing, workable for all ages and stackable on the smallest place.

The arch gives a bigger range of motion and supports the back anatomically correct.

Different positions on T-BOW® make exercises easier or harder.

Stretchbands are easy fixed and individually improving is possible.

The T-BOW® stable-instable-moved trains the deep stabilisation, important for back and all joints.

The T-BOW® is a patented Swiss invention of Sandra Bonacina (physical therapist / university sports lecturer), 
developed with Viktor Denoth (university sports teacher) since 1994, produced in Switzerland and tested at University/ETH Zürich in ASVZ.



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